What Does Ui Letter And Ui Agreement Sent

If you want to forego the overpayment so you don`t have to return the money the DUA accidentally sent you, you`ll need to prove the following: 5. Can I enter into a repayment agreement for monthly payments if I`m currently eligible for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits? If an overpaid claimant is currently eligible for UNEMPLOYMENT benefits, the automated payment system applies all UNEMPLOYMENT payments to the current debt once those payments are released. The only weekly/biweekly benefits applied to the debt are those that are deemed payable after the applicant has submitted the telecertificate. This program does not systematically allow an applicant to receive unemployment insurance benefits if there is a previous overpayment. It is still necessary to submit telecertificates so that their debts can be reduced by these current advantages. 4. Employers or applicants may submit benefits complaints if there is disagreement about a decision. Form UC-AP-1, “Notice of Appeal” or a letter must be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the date the notice of decision is sent. For good reason, the appeal period may be extended to thirty (30) calendar days. .