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It`s in the novel marriage agreement kk. 😊 Yes Novelnya Wedding Agreement by Mbak Mia Chuzaimah Tari nodded enthusiastically and smiled widely. Best day ever. “You give me a year. I want you to keep my good reputation as a wife during this time, as well as the good reputation of my family. “I don`t think I`m asking for too much, do I?” Bian winked and tried to adjust his eyes to the surrounding light. He focused his eyes. “Dance?” he exclaimed doubtfully as he was fully conscious. He lifted her body and rested on her elbow. “Are you thinking about it here?” “It`s okay,” Dance replied.

It has to come out of here now. There is still no answer. Dance opens the door. Open. Bian didn`t lock his room. Doubt that he intervened. Her husband`s room was dark, no sleep lights were on. The novel is good.

Tp Chapter 21 is not open yes. .Tks. “Mas Bian.” Tari knocked angrily on the door of her husband`s room again. “Wake up. in an instant azan. ». “Fried rice with cow`s eye eggs,” Bian replied, missing his wife`s fried rice. When will the next chapter be held,,??? Sdh didn`t wait patiently for his end Bian saw that there was a suitcase in the living room. Who is coming? Bian asked in his heart. Are Pakde and Bude coming back? The WA link at the end of the article was directly related to my WA teeeh😊😊 It`s over for the cerbungnya mbak version, For more details in the new alhamdulilah marriage agreement has been published, please contact the author :) “I`m going to wake you up. We both pray at dawn in the mosque,” Tari said. They went well during the first month, almost unhindered. It`s just that Tari is quite difficult to wake up her husband to pray at the mosque at dawn.

In a week, maybe only once or twice. But he was grateful, Bian didn`t protest against every awakened man. The dance roared annoyed. He fought back. “Bian!” He hardened the sound. Bian snorted softly. He turned around and walked into the porch. “Call the cleaning service!” shouted Bian from the front. The dance could no longer bear to see the scene in front of him. His heart felt pierced by thousands of needles. His heart wanted to scream loudly.

He has to get out of here. “Aldi,” Tari whispered to her husband`s cousin. “Take me home now, please… ” he asked with latent eyes. Bian was stunned to see his wife, only a deal was made, Tari had already resumed his role. #forcedmarriage #jodoh #marriage #perjodohan #pernikahan #romance He Mbak is the two authors are also cool ya mbk do his writing :) Greet the same mbk Mia Please click on my WA link yes tea, later connect with the nearest marketer😊 After their turn to climb, Tari shouted loudly as the boat swayed very high. On the way down, he held his chest, which was still hammering. “It`s so exciting!” Bian remained silent. She didn`t expect Tari to think this way about the marriage they had. Moreover, he hadn`t thought much about the consequences of meeting Sarah. “Don`t you need to get ready for the office?” asked Tari as he checked the contents of the refrigerator. Bian was again stunned by his wife`s words.

There is a sense of reluctance to dismay when one thinks of having to part with Tari. .