Tesla Extended Service Agreement Pdf

The problem was the length of the deal: I wasn`t sure if I would keep the car for another four years. A few years ago, as my Tesla Model S neared the end of its 50,000-mile warranty in 2013, I discussed at length and hard whether I should opt for tesla`s Extended Warranty, which they call an Extended Service Agreement (ESA). With $4,000, it wasn`t cheap. It offered four years of coverage and an additional 50,000 miles, up to a total of 100,000 miles. There was a deductible of 200 $US for each service visit. In two years and 26,000 miles, I paid $4600 ($4,000 for ESA, plus 200 $US deductibles for each of the three service visits) and received repairs worth $US 4,600. No, I have not read in detail the entire nine-page contract. Instead, I relied on what the tesla agents had told me. As far as I can recall, they did not say that the refund had been reduced by the amount of duty paid. I don`t think Tesla services deliberately misled me about ESA`s refund rules.

It`s more likely that they didn`t know anything about The Catch either. But these are people who had treated me very well for a very long time, from the good old days in the service center that no longer existed in White Plains, New York. I thought they were going to tell me everything I needed to know. People at my local tesla service center assured me that if I sold or traded the car in less than four years, I would be reimbursed prorated for the unused portion of the warranty. READ THIS: Living with Tesla Model S: Getting out of the old, getting into the new I think I should feel happy that they don`t push me to pay back the extra $2600. In the end, I guess my entire TESLA ESA experience was a laundry. But from my point of view, I only received two years of reparations, not the four years I had. Then came a series of unexpected events: Tesla announced the 100D version of the Model S; a real estate investment I had made was paid earlier and better than expected; And a detached retina reminded me that bad things happen and life is short. I doubt that the public insurance authorities will leave it to them to do so in any other way. I was shocked to say the least when Tesla`s delivery representative called to report the actual amount of my refund: zero.

Would I have done the trade if I had known for The Catch? Would I have bought the ESA if I had known the Catch? But one thing is for sure, Tesla needs to make sure that its ESA customers are fully alerted to The Catch and all its effects. If I had known about The Catch before making my trading decision, the math would have changed dramatically. Tesla Model S at the Ventura, CA supercharger site with a single free slot [Photo: David Noland] Your cancellation refund is prorated and you will receive the lower part of the unused portion of the current days or miles of that ESA vehicle relative to the duration or mileage of the selected type of service. and, where appropriate, less the amount of any claims paid under the vehicle`s SOA. (Fettschrift added for enhancement) The old car had about 76,000 miles inside — just over half the life of ESA — so I expected my ESA reimbursement to be just under $2,000. Most of us don`t read all the fine print, and we rely on Teslas to give us the whole truth. In my case, they did not succeed. (Here too, the last responsibility fell to me. should have read the treaty.) Tesla must at least redouble its efforts to inform potential ESA buyers about The Catch. . . .