Sba Mentor Protege Agreement

3. The protégé must certify to the SBA each year whether the terms of the contract have changed. While contracting is the most coveted award, the program offers many other benefits for the mentor and protégé. (4) The AA/BD may authorize a participant to be both a protégé and a mentor if the participant can prove that the second relationship is not in conflict with the first mentor-protected relationship or that it is facing other purposes. Many proteges see business development as the main obstacle to success. According to the regulatory definition, mentors have found a way to meet this challenge. Whether it`s entering a new region, entering a new market, or becoming familiar with state work, mentors have valuable knowledge that they can pass on to the protégé. As in any other area of support, the scope of business development training should be tailored to the needs of the protégé. (1) A mentor and protégé may be considered a small business for any main mission or subcontracting of the state, merge, including purchases worth less than half the size standard for the ASsigned NAICS code, and 8 (a) exclusive purchase contracts, provided the protégé is classified as small for obtaining and the protégé has not reached the limit of $124,519 set by dens 124,519 for the purposes of the source requirements 8 a) under the following terms. (6) The SBA must approve in advance any changes to a tutoring/protected agreement. (B) If the protection company is no longer as small, the income and/or employees of the protégé and guardian would generally be aggregated to determine the size of a joint venture between the mentor and the protégé after that date.

The program`s regulatory objective is to “improve the skills of protégés” and improve their “ability to compete successfully for federal contracts.” However, a recent SBA report also acknowledged that the program should benefit both mentors and protégés. The same report shows that in April 2019, there were 759 active mentoring-protected agreements. (1) To qualify as a mentor, a concern must demonstrate that he: (i) SBA terminates his mentor/protected contract; (7) If the mentor`s control (through a share sale or other means) is changed, the previously approved mentor-protected relationship may be continued, provided that the mentor declares in writing to the SBA, after the change of control, that he recognizes the agreement between the guardian and the protégé and certifies that he will continue to meet his terms. Even with a tutoring system and financial support, a protégé will not go far if he does not get a contract. In this area, mentors can provide knowledge and best practices for pursuing contractual opportunities.