Purchase Agreement Traduzione Italiano

These buildings are not mentioned in the real estate purchase agreement and appear to have been demolished/removed. Shortly thereafter, the framework purchase agreement and the sales contract were signed. A detailed description of the status of the company`s restructuring process within the meaning of the sales contract. . First, FSC allocates DKK 2 billion in cash to NewCo`s share purchase agreement. Cash and contextual contract: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Another agreement to purchase and sell electricity produced from renewable sources: a contract under which a natural or legal person undertakes to source directly from a renewable electricity producer, an advantage related to the formula of the quota purchase contract (DKK 0.73 billion) [74] After several unsuccessful attempts at privatization, the Hungarian State entered into a sales contract with AirBridge Zrt in 2007. The CEO of LuxSCS has ratified the asset sale contract and the granting of licenses to LuxOpCo. the real estate purchase agreement (with the Treasury the real estate purchase agreement, the basic lease and the supplementary lease The Authority notes that these assessments were mentioned in the real estate purchase agreement. As a result, the contract to purchase quotas results in a loss rather than a profit.

In accordance with Article 5 of the sales contract, the Icelandic government was to acquire certain assets held by Sementsverksmi-jan hf. under a separate contract. The remuneration of this guarantee is included in the variable purchase price of the quota purchase contract. In addition to the quota purchase agreement, the measures include various ancillary restrictions between FIH Holding and FSC, which delayed the conclusion of the sale contract during the transfer process.