Agreement Format For Data Entry Work

I need a template for a legal contract or agreement for the data entry and transfer service that will be outsourced to my company. Please ask me for details if you need more information. Our experts are fully familiar with legal jargon and terminology and can also seamlessly capture the longest and most complex legal documents. You can also process different source formats such as image, electronic paper media with the same ease. When manually entering data, our professionals use dual input technology to ensure maximum accuracy. If necessary, we use OCR and ICR tools to register your legal documents. You can also use custom pricing options by setting our Legal Documents data entry services. A legal document is something that forges a contractual relationship, issues obligations or grants rights. No modern company is fully autonomous and needs to enter into contracts and fulfill obligations. Each company must therefore manage and process a large number of legal documents. Real estate companies, to give an example, must process real estate contracts, good business and sales decisions, mortgages, grant notices, etc. Then there are the legal documents, such as share certificates, sales contracts, purchase agreements, bid bonds and forms, which are basic food products for companies in all sectors. The creation or retention of these documents requires the seizure of legal documents.

The task is laborious and tedious. In addition, it must be carried out with the utmost care, as the slightest error in the seizure of legal documents can invalidate a legal document. The introduction of legal documents can therefore also weigh on a law firm not to mention other companies. Outsourcing legal documents data processing services to those who specialize in work is the best option in the face of these difficulties. To, we put the data of the most responsible legal documents by providing you with impeccable legal documents. We introduce legal documents for law firms, financial institutions, real estate companies, multinationals, legal services and other types of businesses. If you want to relocate the data entry of legal documents, is gone. CDS agrees that it does not transmit confidential information to a person during or after the duration of the agreement, except as indicated by the customer, and that it transmits to the customer all data relating to the customer at the end of the agreement.

CDS is also committed to the commitment of its employees and subcontractors to the terms of this agreement. Hello, I`m interested in working in your project. I`m new to Freelancer, but I have experience in this type of [login to view URL] give me more details. Thank you. With regard to, we conduct the data entry of legal documents as soon as possible at the most competitive rates. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals perfectly and quickly meet your legal data acquisition requirements, while maintaining almost 100% accuracy. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified for our information security management systems and you can ask us to make legal data entry orders for you without fear. Our employees are signatories to the strictest confidentiality clauses and your legal documents are absolutely secure in our hands. 3) Compare the data entered with the source documents or enter the data in the on-screen verification format to detect errors.

This agreement can only be amended or renewed with the written agreement of both parties.